Matter, Mass and the Big Bang

This article will go through several small ideas or concepts to end up with a different approach to how the universe formed and where did matter come from.

Starting with the idea that light (which is an electromagnetic wave, photon particle) is attracted by large gravitational fields, light bends arround large objects and is sucked into a balck hole and never allowed to leave. So then light should have a virtual form of mass , a mass in motion, the energy (based on E=mc2), this gravitational effect should also be valid between light rays themselves, they should be attracted and drawn closer along their path.

Computer generated imge of a star. source:

So we move to the idea that light traveling thousands of light years distance should not be perfect parallel but converging slightly. Objects then seen in the sky appear smaller than they are, because light converges.
Moving to another idea with the same subject, the question must be asked, what happens when light enters a black hole, if it is not able to move at the speed , if time stops in a black hole, if it has to be concentrated at densities far higher than anywhere in the Universe. The proposed idea is that this light confined, trapped and condensed may itself turn into matter of different forms; forming the particles described in the standard model, or even the smaller pieces that make them. The idea is that energy in electromagnetic form, moving at high speed is trapped in a black hole and converted into matter. Same as Hydrogen goes through fusion in a star to become Helium. Light goes into confinement in a black hole to become matter.

Light Bent by Gravity (Image: C. Sheng, H. Liu, Y. Wang, S. N. Zhu and D. A. Genov)

This Idea leads itself to a grander thought. If at a point, the universe was filled with light energy and no matter. This light could be attracted through gravity to itself, grouped in a huge spherical form of light, where energy density is too high, Confined Energy forms as what we are familiar with as particles (in a similar approach of H , He, O, C … Fe sequence) until the process collapse and the sphere ejects all energy and newly formed matter. This would be another way to look at the Big Bang. There was only light, light grouped in a sphere of high energy density and formed confined energy. At a point this “Fusion” collapsed, porbably when reaching a certain particle that does not balance the forces. The sphere collapses and releases Energy and Confined Energy; thus a “Big Bang”.
 So in the picture below, one would have Confined Energy (matter) at the core, formed from “Fused” light; and Moving Energy (light) surrounding the core.

Fusion of H to He insidea star Source :

Here is a thought. There is no absolute direct way of measuring mass. Mass is derived from the resistance to change, gravity force, impact energy or chemical reactions. In reality, there could be no mass, no matter, no particles, simply confined energy, which we perceive as matter.

 What we call mass is what I call here “Confined Energy”.

Now you can look at you arm and see it as a group of infinitely small confined energy spheres, that refuses to interact or to disconnect. This Confined Energy is the building block of our Universe.

Digital Art  Source :

A closing thought on gravity, which is still a mystery for physicist.One theory could be that there is a third field which create gravity force, this field originates from the imbalance of the electromagnetic field, the quantum effect of this disturbance is the gravity force. Because it is a simple disturbance of a major field, it is  much weaker and it has a constant value relative to the quantity of confined energy (what we call mass) because, at the Macro level, a quantum disturbances has a mean value.

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