Next Generation Self Parking Car

RFID is a relatively simple technology, it is not new and it is already implemented in several industries, including logistics. RFID stands for Radio frequency Identification. Below is a simple picture of an RFID tag. This tag includes a chip which carries a memory and an antenna which is used to read the data on the memory. This particular tag does not need energy, but it is energized by the wave sent from the reading device. This tag is relatively cheap, also carries and transfers back data accurately. Recently , there is intense research to improve the performance of the chip and expand its application. One direction is to allow the reading device to read from distances exceeding five meters and to measure the distance from the device to the tag. By measuring the distance with accuracy up to one cm and using at least three reading devices, the accurate location of the tag can be determined.
This self parking car concept, suggests using the RFID tags and reader to guide the car into a parking spot. As the accuracy could be up to one cm;the sensor placed on the car and RFID placed on the sidewalk, the distance separating the car and sidewalk can be accurately measured and the orientation of the car can also be measured using two or more tags.
As the tags , carry data, the tags can have the exact distance between them on the memory and the approved car dimensions that can fit in specific parking.
The sensor on the car emits an all direction radio wave, that arrives to all nearby RFIDs , energizes the tags and receives feedback data from individual tags.
As the data reaches the tags, a radio wave is reflected from the tags carrying the data. The time delay for this reflected data and the known speed of the wave propagation is one method the car can identify the distance from the tags and orientation.

This  RFID self park system, can be the basic system for park guidance, and additionally assisted by rear view camera and other types of sensors (Ultrasound or other) that the car could be equipped with.
It could be more accurate so that the car identifies its location and orientation for a perfect positioning compared to camera assisted park.
Installing RFID tags along a sidewalk is not of high cost, the tags price is dropping as the technology spreads. The tags do not need energy, they are passive systems, only energized by the car sensor when it is activated.

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