Reading Using the Flowreader Method

In English, and most languages in the world, the reading goes from left to right, and languages like Arabic, Persian and others, the reading goes from right to left. One thing we all struggled so many times with that we ended up ignoring , is the need to jump back to the left side once we reached the end of a line. This is when our eyes need split seconds to find the proper line and the starting word. 
While I also read Arabic text with inserted English sentences I have to switch reading direction, but I have noticed that switching reading direction and even a switch of language did not seem as annoying for me as jumping to a new line.

It might seem strange, but I think if we practice reading sentences that are flipped Horizontal + Vertical we can eventually read them as easy as the normal text.

So If we combine flipped and non flipped text, we will not need to jump while reading, we just zigzag through the lines with a continuous flow, which I call “Flowreading”. I believe this could allow us to read faster and also allow our thoughts to follow without disruption. Many times when I am at the end of the line, I mistakenly skip the next line or start again with the line I just read. In that situation I end up also loosing my train of thoughts, so I read again the sentence.

Below is an example of a text in “Flowread” format. I did a search and I have not found any example of this concept. 

Was it hard ?

Now I must also indicate that the letters in this font or all fonts are not designed to be easily read when flipped, but we can still manage. I think a new font could also be developed for “Flowread” layout so letters can be read easier both in normal and flipped lines.
Below is another example, maybe now your brain is a bit more familiar with this exercise.
All languages developed in this form, because it seems to be the trivial for our brain, but I do not think It is the best form. 
I believe if we teach young children to Flowread from the first days of school, this will be natural to them and eventually prefer this on the old text format. 
One more thing. If we train our brains to do more work at first , that later becomes second nature , probably we could develop a stronger mind. 
Back to the flow of thoughts as a closing note, I think a reader could follow any story or description uniterrupted, not even for a split second to do the subconscience task (habit) of finiding the start of the next line. 
Do you think this could become the new norm ? 
Here is one more text by Charles Bukowski.


  1. Sir TmwSeptember 6, 2017

    Crazy but it's the best solution I've seen till now. Actually it was super easy and relaxing to read your version than the conventional.

  2. Rami RouhanaSeptember 6, 2017

    Great to know . thx for the comment.


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