Taking Planet Earth to Other Galaxies

So let us build our future ship “The Earth” and take it to other Galaxies. This article drifts a bit far from today’s science ,maybe a bit into science-fiction but most probably in Future science.

Our Planet Earth is surrounded with the proper atmosphere for us to survive, it is at the proper temperature for water to exist in liquid state and our dear planet has the gravity field we are designed to live in as biological animals. So it seems , to build our perfect ship to space , we need to mimic the environment of life on Earth. Why not make Earth itself, yes the Planet , our ship into space.

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What keeps earth orbiting in place is the gravity of the Sun, so we will have to overcome that “Huge” attraction and push the earth out of orbit. To achieve this we need to built new MEGA structures , the first step of making earth a ship ,”Boosters” that can push the earth out of orbit. Any structure too large needs huge amount of energy to be built in the first place; so in order to obtain massive energy amounts , we need to master nuclear fusion energy, the energy that fuels the Sun. Today we are taking steps towards that goal and we expect to achieve successful continuous nuclear fusion much earlier than 2050.

Our biggest source of Energy in the Solar system is the Sun, so we will be using the suns energy harnessed by solar systems , thermal systems and micro suns we create from the Hydrogen around the earth to power the industry needed to manufacture the boosters. The boosters also need material to be made of and as we are exploring the potential uses of carbon material , we will be able to build super high strength structures from carbon nano-tubes , Graphene , Graphite , Diamond and carbon fiber. Other planets in the solar system have carbohydrates , so the surrounding planets could also be the source for carbon and Hydrogen to build the “Earth Booster”.

If we take the Earth far from the Sun , the planet will be deprived from the main energy source . So we need to create a Mega shell around the planet. This shell will include several mini Suns ( Fusion Reactors) that emit radiation on the surface of the earth from outside the atmosphere , so Ozone can still absorb any harmful radiation and earth’s magnetic field still shields the planet surface from cosmic rays and other floating energy in space. So we replace the Sun by small suns we create and take with us wherever we go.

Now that we can move the Earth out of Orbit and we can replace the sun energy by micro suns, How do we find our way in Space and how do we protect the Planet through the journey ?

We will need scouting ships to gather info ahead on the ‘road” , we will need a swarm of battle ships to protect the planet from meteorites or any form of space debris. The planet will also be surrounded with transport ships which float in surrounding space , gather resources and return to the “Earth Ship” cluster. So the system does not only feed on the planet resources , it feeds on all resources in surrounding space.

An artist’s concept of a Dyson sphere. Image via energyphysics.wikispaces.com

By achieving this design, our journey in space could be infinite and reaching other galaxies even if it is millennia away, is achievable. Maybe our first experiment on this approach will start when we have space technology developed enough and at the scale needed. Planet Earth will not probably become a ship before we turn Pluto into one , or maybe Mars.

Once we succeed in turning Earth into the Mother-ship and the journey starts , we could be able to enlarge the fleet , add another planet to it. We will need to decide if the Moon is necessary to take it with us , so that we maintain the tides and all other influences of its gravity. It is important to note that the shell around the Earth does not rotate with the earth but maintains the rotation of the earth by gravitational influence.

So here is what the fleet is made of in brief :

  • Planet Earth + Energy and Shielding hell
  • Resource collector ships
  • Scout Ships
  • Protection Battle Ships

One Last thing could be added to the system. The mega fabrication , a modular ship which builds any part needed for the fleet at any scale. Maybe the Mega Fabricator will have its own article on this blog

Reaper by Francisco Iglesias Perianez

So this is when we become a civilization type II and we can harness the entire energy of the sun and other stars. We can also harness all the resources of the solar system. Today we are Type 0 civilization , which mines some of the resources on the Earth surface and uses mainly fossil fuel for energy.

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  1. Seth DiamondOctober 11, 2016

    The article fails to offer any means to do what it says. There is no working thesis or any slight detail to understand locomation proposed. The article is at best a sci-fi waste of time.

  2. Rami RouhanaOctober 11, 2016

    Seth . It is 2016 today. There will be working fusion reactors in 2050 yes. That is what the article suggests.

  3. Rami RouhanaOctober 11, 2016

    The article is a "Concept" of future technology.
    It does not claim to be a thesis of any kind or a technical proven system.
    This a layout for an idea, the next phase is to find the means to make it real.

  4. Seth DiamondJuly 4, 2017

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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