ForkedUp (Mini Articel 1)

This article will be one of many suggesting change to tools that have not changed much
I have asked through a post on Facebook.
“Do you know a tool designed and used by humans that has not changed for 20 years ? 50 years ? 100…”

 I have received several replies from friends and one of the simplest tools mentioned is the Fork.
Yes the fork has not evolved much for thousands of year and the reason is the same for it as for the spoon and knife , these tools are very simple and perform the task very easily. We never needed to improve the design of a fork. Still there are small things about the modern fork we can improve.

Introducing ForkedUp !

The fork has several teeth aligned that allow the user to pierce through the food, hold to it and carry to the mouth. When the meal is over we clean the fork either by hand or in a dish washer. However, there i a small problem with the fork compared to the spoon; not all surfaces are accessible, and if we are eating sticky  greasy food, the food will stick between the fork teeth and it is not very accessible to be cleaned.

ForkedUp is a suggestion for a small change. Shifting some of the fork teeth up from the others will make it easier to clean the fork better.

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