VoXup for 3D print !

Our goal was to design and print a part that could be expanded to a larger size. VoXup allows the designer to print a small part based on voxels and scale it up!

In a 2D world shapes and geometries are formed with units of pixels. In the 3D CAD world, the unit is a voxel, which is a cube. This way, when working with computer images and simulations, it is common to represent geometries with a series of cubes, i.e. voxels.

The VoXup is the skeleton of a cube. It has 8 legs which can extend increasing the size of the cube. An object made of VoXup’s retains geometry, but changes in scale. The closest real world item that can be resized is a hand-held telescope.

A VoXup unit volume, like a voxel, can be stretched in all directions so that the final cube is two or several times larger than the original. VoXup is a concept that can become reality with product design and manufacturing, and we like to imagine that one day anyone can buy a chair 10 cm high, print it and scale it up to 1 meter.

This Concept and Design is a cooperation with Mechanical Engineer Diego Bezerra.

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