Rolla Phone 12 inch and Pocketable

The technology is finally here for foldable display. Flexible screens can be bent and rolled, allowing the design of products like the rollable TV LG65RX shown in the video blow. Another type of device rumored to have rollable display is mobile phones.

Taking inspiration from the TV and having a decent understanding in mobile design, I designed this concept of rollable phone that I call “Rolla phone”. It is made entirely from titanium to be lightweight and tough. In closed state it has a screen of 6.38 inch and fully rolled it boosts a screen of 12 inches in a 16:9 ratio. The world today is moving into online business and online education. A large screen allows more comfortable video conferences and much more practical screen sharing, making your phone possibly more suitable for work, education and media consumption. The front camera is hidden under the screen, another technology that is now possible.The phone is 6.5 mm thick with a 15mm tubular side volume that the screen rolls into. It is 75 mm wide and 156 mm tall, making it easily pocket-able. In closed form the structure is sturdy and solid using latch magnets and small alignment pins. When fully open to 12 inch, the two main parts of the phone are held together by stiff composite struts that are at the same time telescopically extendable.

I would like to hear your opinion on the phone. Would you buy it if it was in the market ? How much would you pay for such a device ?

Which brand could offer this first ?

Edit:: Samsung demonstrated a small rollable screen in 2016, so i added it here.

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